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Streaming City Council September 29, 2008

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If you look at the number of visitors to the chat, which were, except me and the director, only three could think of a number of live TV viewers really low instead of streaming access statistics say one more thing and say that even if we have not included the numbers of the second board, we have a little 'back on its feet than the last. Graph fact


still shows a peak of nine people connected and an average of six to seven. What can I say, that surely were more people to watch online and those not physically present in the board room, without considering the two envoys of Vodafone who have left the room after the part that interested them directly.

As for the second half, I must say that in the shape of the new board room, two cameras leave something 'to be desired in terms of coverage and a third would be ideal to cover, each one of the arms of the U of the table recommended . We will see what can be done in the future.

What to say about the failure to join the chat? Sounds like a good idea, even according to those who participate, but then I do not understand why watching live was three times more people in chat. Shame? maybe you do not understand that behind there is the possibility of direct online dialogue with other participants? I'll have to investigate.

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