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Spore, the game evolution

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Another geniality from that Will Wright, developer, among other things of games that have made history as Sim City and The Sims.

Obviously this game riding the wave of the simulation. As in Sim City is going to simulate a city, the creation of buildings, roads and more, while The Sims is going to simulate the daily life of an individual, with Spore, Will Wright gives us a new level of play, to a cell to evolve from the primordial soup to the conquest of the galaxy.

The evolution of the cell passes through six main roles:

Cell phase




Conquest of space.

Each of these phases is characterized by different modes of play. I can tell you for now only the first two phases, and that of cellular creature, just as they are passed to the Tribe stage, and I have yet to understand something of this new phase.

In the cell phase, the goal of the game is simply to collect the remains of food and eating, possibly other animals that live in the primordial soup. Obviously that is the law of "stronger eats the weaker" so be careful to check the battle alone with smaller animals or not provided defense of our character. The food we grow, you DNA points that allow us to evolve by acquiring new forms and new components for our body as new flagella to swim faster, quills for fastest-selling, appendices to shoot poison or electric shocks, and so forth.

Here, for example, in my first gaming session, my evolution from cellular organism up to the mainland


At this point you will leave the primordial soup and exit on the mainland. And 'the Creature phase, whose goal is obviously to continue evolving, fighting against the nests of other forms of life on land, either alone or in crowds, with others of our own species. Besides combat you can also form some alliances with other species which then become our friends. The more you eat, the more you can change their appearance with new appendices, new clutches and new attributes.

Here under my creature was evolving from that tribe


The best thing the game is definitely the editor to change the look of our character. Really well done, you can change appearance in any fraction. Think that you can select the spinal column of our avatar and stretch it, reduce it, bend it in every smallest part.

Eventually you can, before returning to the game, test the changes made on an arena, take pictures and send any movie directly to YouTube.

Here, for example, a closeup of my child


Truly terrifying. True?

Here below the video filmed in the arena during the test some of its characteristics of skill

Obviously, a game recommended for everyone to spend a few hours of entertainment to create new life forms and civilizations to boldly go where no one has gone before xxxhvshgsvgds

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