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Jargon is called jailbreak, namely that action which would remove the protections of a secure system to access all the features offered by the device.

Because, you see, we buy with our money a device in this case a cell, especially an Apple iPhone with a contract for voice / data that enables Vodafone tot Gbyte of traffic month on 3G network and therefore the opportunity to surf from that cell, at a rate comparable to that of an ADSL.

Now it may be assumed, and this thing in Windows Mobile devices that mount is made from the mists of time, you can also use the iPhone as a modem, and then, having a laptop, and being outside the house, could be used to connect 3G iPhone on your laptop.

One might say obvious. But just for nothing. And the most beautiful of shit is that the impediment is not due to a technological problem. No, the iPhone is perfectly capable of being used as a 3G modem from a portable external is just that the manufacturer, in this case Apple does not want.

Oh well, one says, change his mind sooner or later. Sooner or later, UNICE place where we are allowed to download the programs, the Apple Store, you'll see a program that can do this. It 'only a matter of time.

But just for nothing. Not that the developers have not tried. There are many, one in particular, who were "fighting" to get their application of "network share" this nell'AppStore. Oh, not I'm saying "free", paid s'intente. But even paying ... nothing.

E 'right now the news that this producer, Null River, he felt, after a long wait, answer spades by Apple that has even raised stating that "will never allow any application to the network share nell'AppStore.

I have to Pisa for Thursday 's Italian Perl Workshop, I need a high speed connection, I have a laptop, I have an iPhone with a 3G subscription, all stuff paid for and I demand to get the best that technology offers me.

That's why tomorrow I will do the jailbreak on my iPhone, will install a SOCKS server via SSH, and to hell with Apple, I will use the products that possess to use them in the best possible way.

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