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Italian Perl Workshop 2008

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Tomorrow and after tomorrow (18 and 19 September, for those who read me from the future) are all 'IPW2008 in Pisa and as a spectator, for 99% of the time, both as speaker of a quick 40-minute talk about my experience with the systems Captive Portal.

Obviously, the talk will focus more on core functionality of the Captive Portal is implemented in Perl, but said he did not get away from us some little digression on how things work at iptables.

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If you are in Pisa in the next two days, you are passionate about computers and programming and you have nothing better to do, the IPW2008 is ideal also because this year, as speakers, there are big names.

No, not myself, but people like Tim Bunce, who is the one that wrote the standard abstract interface for accessing database DBI, as Rafael Garcia-Suarez, which, among other things is the one who wrote the module for inheritance in Perl and Matt Trout author of too many things including various pieces of Catalyst.

And these men are only the top of the iceberg. Many meetings are planned in these two days.

How not to be missed, especially you, young phpisti you would like to make the jump, dropping a language noob and go to the speech of men who do not have to ask MAI (because there is already in the CPAN). And just for you that you have not understood anything about Perl, but at the same time to my speech, it is imperative to follow Gianni Ceccarelli who held a seminar for 150 minutes of introduction to Perl.

After all this, you have no excuse not to use a real programming language.

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