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The video test dell'Acero Aspire One

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As promised, here's video of unpacking and ignition dell'Acero Aspire One with Windows XP.

Meanwhile you throw them other impressions. Today I used it enough to write an article on the train and I must say that although in some situations a little bumped 'because of the lightness (there's always a downside to all ) I must say that you could still write easily without too many typos.

A little 'worst feedback with the touchpad, but mainly because you try to get used to them with both hands and use the right to scroll and left click, but unfortunately at that point where, out of habit in notebooks there is a button for today is still the touchpad is a bit messes' with two fingers on the same also because two fingers are triggered some of the advanced features of the touchpad like the zoom and scroll the window left / right and high / low.

Instead, I found an annoying bug that I have to send by return assistance acer. During the transfer of files over the network, if you leave the computer without further action, immediately, after a few seconds, the transfer slows dramatically until interrupted. If performing operations like moving a window during the transfer all is well. Probably triggers a power-saving capabilities that messed with the transfer on the network.

The general behavior of the sub-notebook is still overall very good and I must say that I was particularly surprised at the overall speed of the product, probably because even relatively "clean", it is sometimes much faster than my desktop at home.

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4 Responses to "Video Test dell'Acero Aspire One"

  • Normando writes:

    But if you need to reinstall it as it does so without recovery DVD?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    It 'an existential doubt legitimacy and mica to laugh. I have just a moment I have to study it. Probably the thing is handled by one of those handful that I uninstalled Acer :-D


  • Paolo Gatti writes:

    Really a nice article, congratulations!
    I've put a great desire to purchase this beautiful prodottino (also because it seems you can install Mac OS X!)!
    Hello, Paul.


  • Alexander writes:

    Hello, dear
    I have two, but with Linpus, the 110L for my wife, the 150L for me (and they are delicious).
    For this distribution there is a recovery CD, with which you can create a USB key to be used sull'acerone; eye, however, which must be at least 2 gigabytes (not one as reported in the documentation), I used SD 2 giga, but connected with an external player


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