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My first iPhone application

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I finally completed my first application for the Apple Iphone. Obviously, as a first application is quite simple and not distributed, but is a prodottino for me and my colleagues at work that contains a list of our names and phone numbers so that, immediately, in a single click, without having to waste time searching through contacts and bookmarks, you can call directly.

The same elements of the list are also included statically and then you can not, for now, add, remove or amend the same. Have pity, is only a first application with a new language, new tools and, in addition, new operating system. You could not ask for more.

Below the application called, imaginatively, "MicsoTel" who makes beautiful view of himself in the midst of other iPhone applications


while here and once launched the application


Oh well, you say, an application with zero educational value? But no, apart from really understand the basic logic of how an application under Iphone, I have nevertheless begun to understand how some basic structures such as arrays, and the dictionary as, for example, order the elements of an array using a function of external sorting.

I have also begun to understand the twisted logic on how the tabular controls on the iPhone. Twisted because in all languages so far seen by me, adding elements to a control table had stuff like: "I have the table object x, use his method addItem passing the string is the element string is automagically added to the table . You do not, the table calls a callback that should return the number of rows and then for each line, calls a further callback, which is passed the row index, and through which you can set the cell value relative. Mah!

Also already know how to concatenate two strings is a big step forward in the understanding of a language. See how many things are learned with an application "stupid"

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2 Responses to "My first iPhone application"

  • Arsenio writes:

    I found this post in google, I would start developing some applicazioncina on iPhone, you give me some advice on how to start? I do not know that language, as editor, how to install apps create ... :)
    Thank you very much!


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    I have just a moment, this week, I do a blog post to explain these things.


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