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City Council From 01 September 2008 online

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Finally I made it to put online the city council the other day.

This time I must admit, it was a real party, especially during encoding because the software I use for the production of movies this time did not want to generate. Mov and after about 3 / 4 hours of rendering crashed.

Just to sum up the two days of labor, we start from the source file. Wmv, because for some strange reason, the software director who also exported. Mov, right on the server is not working and in the town. Mov video generates a whole green. So starting from this, usually I always imported seamlessly into the editing software, added the header and exported. Mov without problems.

This time, after hours of rendering was interrupted almost halfway. Finally, after hours of wasted CPU cycles, disheartened and convinced that the problem is something busted in the file. Wmv export that maddens I decide to convert the original file into something else with some external software.

Eventually, using SUPER and the third attempt, moving into the DV (digital video) with WAV audio output has been generated and uploaded to the server. For the record, the other two attempts, in DV + DV + MP3 AACE felt good but after having generated again. Mov I realized that the audio track was not recognized and thus preserved.

So when someone asks me why the computer does it take so long to do something I guess I will take this case for example.

Here is an extract from the council, taken from YouTube

Here, the full version in PAL format.

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