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Captive Portal on LinuxPro - Second episode

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In this second episode of guardianship on Captive Portal, exit to the September 2008 of the monthly "Linux Pro" entitled "A router to universal access" any IP "I show how to create a gateway with a Linux box that allows l ' access to the network by a client regardless of the TCP / IP.

Anyway, do not obviously explain the obvious, namely that if your computer has a DHCP client turned on then all you need is a DHCP server on the Linux box to send a proper configuration in order for the user to navigate.

No, on the contrary, if the gateway's IP, for example,, I explain how it is possible to navigate a user even if it has the IP, for example, gateway with

All of this is shown through the creation and explanation of a simple script in Perl, of about sixty lines using a hacking technique called ARP spoofing, achieves the above.

I write in this number, I learned many things, I hope to convey a bit 'also to my readers

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One Response to "Captive Portal on LinuxPro - Second episode"

  • Constantine Pintus wrote:

    Tutorial very interesting and well made and easy to complete applications to 'copyright. It would be interesting after giving 's access to a user, can also decide how much bandwidth allocated in the case set a duration of' account based on usage time ie: account of a time period that is used for 15 min and then twenty then another 15 min until its expiry etc, of course there I am also working on Slackware ... ... ... ..


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