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Streaming City Council September 29, 2008

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If you look at the number of visitors to the chat, which were, except me and the director, only three could think of a number of live TV viewers really low instead of streaming access statistics say one more thing and say that even if we have not included the numbers of the second board, we have a little 'back on its feet than the last. Graph fact


still shows a peak of nine people connected and an average of six to seven. What can I say, that surely were more people to watch online and those not physically present in the board room, without considering the two envoys of Vodafone who have left the room after the part that interested them directly.

As for the second half, I must say that in the shape of the new board room, two cameras leave something 'to be desired in terms of coverage and a third would be ideal to cover, each one of the arms of the U of the table recommended . We will see what can be done in the future.

What to say about the failure to join the chat? Sounds like a good idea, even according to those who participate, but then I do not understand why watching live was three times more people in chat. Shame? maybe you do not understand that behind there is the possibility of direct online dialogue with other participants? I'll have to investigate.

Stack for iPhone is finally released

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And 'finally out after a long wait compatible version 2.0 of the firmware stack. Not know what Stack?

Well, look at my SpingBoard current


Stack is that menu curved bottom-and that, for those with Mac, recalls the same name features on Leopard.

Yeah, there's always need more space on the SpringBoard. Moreover, the number of possible icons to add Stack is not limited to five as you might think, but if you exceed that number, Stack transforms the curved menu in a "cloud"


Is not a beauty?

The first of September I joined a small delegation that attended the festival of wine in that of Monte San Pietro in the province of Bologna.

Two days intent on promoting the good name of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC through the hills of Bologna.

Yesterday I managed to produce a short video that tells the experience.

The video is also available in the short talk that the vice mayor Fabrizio Di Bonaventura made to present Controguerra, its land and its wine in the conference which was held inside the event.

The movie is also available on YouTube in smaller format

The buffalo that comes from afar

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I do not want our dear friend who has kindly forwarded the email from which I draw inspiration for reflections of this post but the opportunity was too good. Everything that follows is by no means addressed to him directly but must be taken as yet another attempt to educate and inform users of the Internet on two simple concepts:

  1. All mail requests for support for people dying who need blood, organs or need an operation abroad, "BUFFALO IS." All together recite this mantra: "BUFFALO IS.
  2. You do not ever send email to a number of recipients greater than 10 in the clear.

To discuss these two concepts, we see the background.

I received a mail from my friend. The mail has the subject: "Fw: In: Fw: This should run ... URGENT! Coast just 1 minute."

We learn from the start to recognize things. The first rule is empathy: an email with a subject like this is 99% a hoax, a chain letter or similar.

But just because it amuses or because you can never be 100% sure, you open it to see what it is.

The mail is about a family with a disastrous problem. The daughter named Rachel has a brain tumor, inoperable, fortunately, but unfortunately parents do not have the money to pay for the operation. But it seems that two major U.S. providers, AOL and ZDNET have agreed to help because for every person who reads the mail, their family will pay 32 cents (not quite know what currency, dollar, euro, flies fried). Course, so please turn the mail to acquaintances to get the most money possible from the provider.

Such a story reeks of chain letter from a mile away, do not feel it too? No? Ok, since it is not expedient to trust your instincts even if every cell of your body cry "wolf". Then the second rule is: Paul Attivissimo is your friend.

Who is Paul Attivissimo? As he likes to define himself in his blog "The Disinformatico", is a buffalo hunter. That said, the second rule, validated by the fact that in the end are always those buffaloes and even those, is that putting a little 'things of the mail received in the search of the site of Paul, gives the assurance that the mail is a hoax.

Which in fact happens with the mail in question. Rachel and inserting some other name that appears in the mail as a contact person, and soon you reach the page of the chain letter showing not only the mail that I got but all its variants. For one thing, the first variant of the mail appeared in February 2002 and, be assured that the poor Rachel, even if he existed has been dead for some time.

But you're not worried. Rachel has never actually existed, in fact, known as Paul

Do you really believe that companies like AOL (America Online) and ZDNet are so cruel as to organize this subspecies of the lottery? "Dear George, I'm sorry, but we have responded in sufficient numbers, so you do not pay the operation and let you die daughter ... "

Anyway, if common sense is not enough, AOL and ZDNet have publicly stated that he knew nothing of this story. Also, do you really believe that there is a program that allows to track an e-mail to know who and how many times you opened?

The same reference included in the mail, those who say "I am XY from the General Command of the Guardia di Finanza", "are the prof. So and So University" La Sapienza "of Rome", declaring that "the mail is true, is not the usual chain letter, I know the fellow, "do not exist and if there are, once contacted, said they were complete strangers and had never heard of.

Well, then what have we learned so far? You should never turn over this type of mail. What was the original mantra? Remember him? "Everyone BUFFALO.

But we go beyond because the story does not end here. As you can see from the site of Attivissimo, the email "hoax" and will no longer be about thirty lines. The mail that came to me was long CINQUECENTOTRENTACINQUE lines.

Why, you say, and in the remaining 93% of mail that went? E-mail, to be exact 328 mailboxes sound of people scattered around Italy.

The thing reminds me of an experiment that verified that every one of us is connected to another person on Earth from 7 levels of knowledge. Looking at the trace of the e-mail reminded me of something similar.

"My mail" is in fact the party secretary of an association of Bari I say party, but in fact I understand that this was the last person who diligently cleaned up the mail received, leaving only the message and then delete the track of how mail it to him arrived.

He then had the foresight to clean up the mail but have not used the same foresight in sending the mail to his contacts in undisclosed recipient. He that is placed in the mail, clear, all the addresses of the recipients of his acquaintances.

One of the recipients, the $ not to be outdone, has not only turned over the email to his list of contacts, again in the clear, but left even the contact list in email sender.

Then the email arrived at another club, even in Bari, who takes and makes it big. Since an association has many members and many e-mail. What works? Turns the e-mail to its members, again all in clear, again enclosing message and e-mail present.

At this point, one of the associates, we see that $ get such important news from their association and he does. Guess what '? Forward to his contacts, again with all the emails in clear beyond those already present.

Do not you long face, mail, in the same manner described above, the buffalo-mail passes through the hands of

  • EdiliziaYYYYYYY,
  • XY Bank Carime,
  • the holder of a limited company in that of Capurso, always in the province of Bari,
  • his sales manager,
  • The sales manager of a famous brand of sportswear, which among others send to a group "Customer Service" (and here I dare not think how many people was a part)
  • another of his colleague,
  • the sister of my friend,
  • my friend

and finally, in this traceroute for e-mail to the palpitations, the "dirt" comes to me.

And what does Emiliano when he sees all this? There is a nice post on his blog and send the link to 328 mailboxes that have been kindly donated. So I hope

  1. increase the number of hits in his blog
  2. to educate those who, in this absurd chain mail, considered the true and the mail sent to other
  3. to understand that you never send e-mail messages in the clear because, at current stock in market of crackers and spammers in Russia, a valid e-mail to 50 cents, selling 328 of these e-mail would realize subscribed to more than 150 euro tax ... ... ... ... Just kidding, but someone might not be as good as myself. Think about it!

So again, for the last time, the three rules of good e-mail reader

  1. Mails to recognize fake nose
  2. For everything else there 'Paolo Attivissimo
  3. Never send an e-mail in the clear function but use Bcc: or Bcc to hide the e-mail to the other words, to be more clear in the head "at destination" is not written anything and fit all the names in the "bcc "or" bcc "as the mail program elettronica.A all recipients will receive an email to" undisclosed recipient ".

A greeting of peace.

Problems with English? Not the only one.

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I console myself with this cartoon Eridan

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Eridan

that puts me at peace with my conscience that it was highly mortified by the fact that when I hear a talk of an English mother tongue, I do not understand a thing about and, if I understand, after I have the headache of too much concentration.

My first iPhone application

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I finally completed my first application for the Apple Iphone. Obviously, as a first application is quite simple and not distributed, but is a prodottino for me and my colleagues at work that contains a list of our names and phone numbers so that, immediately, in a single click, without having to waste time searching through contacts and bookmarks, you can call directly.

The same elements of the list are also included statically and then you can not, for now, add, remove or amend the same. Have pity, is only a first application with a new language, new tools and, in addition, new operating system. You could not ask for more.

Below the application called, imaginatively, "MicsoTel" who makes beautiful view of himself in the midst of other iPhone applications


while here and once launched the application


Oh well, you say, an application with zero educational value? But no, apart from really understand the basic logic of how an application under Iphone, I have nevertheless begun to understand how some basic structures such as arrays, and the dictionary as, for example, order the elements of an array using a function of external sorting.

I have also begun to understand the twisted logic on how the tabular controls on the iPhone. Twisted because in all languages so far seen by me, adding elements to a control table had stuff like: "I have the table object x, use his method addItem passing the string is the element string is automagically added to the table . You do not, the table calls a callback that should return the number of rows and then for each line, calls a further callback, which is passed the row index, and through which you can set the cell value relative. Mah!

Also already know how to concatenate two strings is a big step forward in the understanding of a language. See how many things are learned with an application "stupid"

Photos dell'IPW 2008

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www. flick r. com
This is a Flickr badge showing public items from Emiliano Bruni tagged with ipw2008. Make your own badge here.

I just threw on Flickr, the photos that I made with my iPhone during the two very intense days.

My photos of the event you can see in the bookset on the left. Other photos taken by people more professional myself, mainly because of their equipment more appropriate than an iPhone to take pictures, are available, again on Flickr, looking for the TAG IPW2008.

Regarding the event, what to say. Two days really tiring but satisfying with a lot of things learned and many new contacts added. But to appreciate even more the event next year, I realized something: I must improve my English, if not so much spoken, but at least one hearing

Regarding the organization a good ten plus. Pity about the auction in which I failed to grab the kit Dada .

Now, I can only capture and edit movies to make the talk accessible to the community

IPW2008 - The cassette of talk

Mhh, we say that the deadline is certainly by 2008, be sure

News Live dall'IPW2008

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Follow live with me via Twitter, what happens in near real time during the Italian Perl Workshop. Refresh this page every now or follow me directly on Twitter


Italian Perl Workshop 2008

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Tomorrow and after tomorrow (18 and 19 September, for those who read me from the future) are all 'IPW2008 in Pisa and as a spectator, for 99% of the time, both as speaker of a quick 40-minute talk about my experience with the systems Captive Portal.

Obviously, the talk will focus more on core functionality of the Captive Portal is implemented in Perl, but said he did not get away from us some little digression on how things work at iptables.

Creative Commons License
Photo credit: Geek And Poke

If you are in Pisa in the next two days, you are passionate about computers and programming and you have nothing better to do, the IPW2008 is ideal also because this year, as speakers, there are big names.

No, not myself, but people like Tim Bunce, who is the one that wrote the standard abstract interface for accessing database DBI, as Rafael Garcia-Suarez, which, among other things is the one who wrote the module for inheritance in Perl and Matt Trout author of too many things including various pieces of Catalyst.

And these men are only the top of the iceberg. Many meetings are planned in these two days.

How not to be missed, especially you, young phpisti you would like to make the jump, dropping a language noob and go to the speech of men who do not have to ask MAI (because there is already in the CPAN). And just for you that you have not understood anything about Perl, but at the same time to my speech, it is imperative to follow Gianni Ceccarelli who held a seminar for 150 minutes of introduction to Perl.

After all this, you have no excuse not to use a real programming language.

There is a high mignottitudine ...

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The title phrase is taken from one of the most exhilarating passages of the new video of the duo the century Filippo Giardina e Mauro Frattini. A movie to be seen, but which is also laughable, as only good satire can do, reflect on the state in which to Italy and the world today.

Comment: after several months of betting a little 'subdued, a bet that takes a 10 +. Then reward yourself with 15 minutes of your time, piazzatevi comfortably on your favorite chair and listen to what they say about these two crazy comedians of our time.

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