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My WII to MOCA2008

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What you see below is the installation that I made to MOCA2008 to play all the fans with my WII

My Wii installation at MOCA2008

Notably, the center pole, normally used to install the antennas, stubbornly reassembled and used as support for the projector, projecting from the cloth, assembled in a day with 30 euros of spending by Obi after several chains have tried to electronic material sell versions of "pro" to more than 200 euros, the subwoofer under the table for camping is provided, along with chairs, a line at the gravy / manray.

An evening of great fun in short, where, from 20.00 to 01.00 I was constantly surrounded by players and golfers ready to challenge me on the tracks of Mario Kart games or Wii Sports.

Too bad that the complexity of installation, but more importantly, the need to uninstall everything to end the evening and put everything in the car, once the main gates of MOCA were closed, I had to give up everything even to repeat the following evening.

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