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The MOCA2008 at TG3 Regionale

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Also this year, as four years ago, the Metro Olografix Camp 2008 has been a great public success and a great interest by the local press.

Below the video of the news on Saturday, August 23, 2008 on the TG3 Regione Abruzzo and the service went on the air but in the day from 24.

Obviously the usual inaccuracies and the usual approaches "hackers == hackers", perhaps due to the course of lockpicking in progress during the recovery from the RAI event. Furthermore, the extreme emphasis placed on Captain Crunch and his new company streaming (if someone has understood that society face, tell me, because starting a gogo band suck, I did not understand).

However, in general, the image of Metro Olografix came out out very well.

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