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I have just a moment I have to watch these two products in Web 2.0 style.

Yahoo Pipes promises to be an aggregator of feeds to the nth power, because, like the "pipes" unix, with simple controls, lets you combine multiple feeds into a single, sortable by various parameters, filtering and translating as well. It also lets you read any of the feeds to display on geotagging maps. The resulting feed can then be reinterpreted in various output formats such as RSS, JSON, KML or embedded directly into their blog via the appropriate widgets.

And the most fantastic and that all this is done via a Web 2.0 fantastic. Watch the video to believe. Try absolutely!

The second tool is the Google Chart API that allow you to generate graphs (but not only) fantasy without having anything installed side web server.

For example, the graphs below are created dynamically just by using these APIs. You can, for example, create pie charts like this,

Sample chart

generated by inserting a classical IMG tag with the following URL × 100 & chd = t: 60,40 & cht = p3 & chl = Hello | World

E 'can also create complicated robe like this

Radar example

or other examples like this

Map of Africa

Google-o-meter with default red to green coloringLine chart with 20 pixel red cross,

Well you see a little 'if you is not worth the case to try these things.

All that my enthusiasm is born using just these two technologies to create a report of the post on twitter of different users. And all without having anything installed on the server side. Web Power.

For an example, go and see the statistics of posts on twitter of dear friend lastknight or watch your mouth and stay open. If Web2.0 is not that, then I do not know what it is.

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