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Sometimes on this blog I write about some stupid things and then inevitably forget important things like that this month is at newsstands with an article in Linux Pro really interesting. The article deals with the captive portal and is the first in a series of tutorials that will guide the reader, step by step in building a complete and functional system of management of a captive portal

Obviously the author is none other but the creator of the portal already, decorated with the Oscar nominations and three Grammy awards, as well as the multifaceted and multiform human being untrustworthy sort, in a nutshell ... myself.

I would advise you, without any malice, to go immediately to your newsstand to buy this newspaper of confidence, to understand and reconstruct the features of a captive portal on your PC trust.


And how would a friend:

in the next issue of "I love the plexiglass" the first piece of plexiglass completely captive portal, only euri 9999

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