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A plugin for this blog for movies outside

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Some of you will wonder why have a little 'time I am using the product, called Movable Type (MTOs) for the management of my blog without having yet developed anything on it.

In other cases, for instance when I'd flipped with WebGUI then began to develop open-source plugins for it, but I was not doing the same thing for MTOs.

What can I say, lack of time, lack of a real need to develop new things as MTOSI did just about everything I needed and various other amenities are the reasons for this failure but has now no longer relevant because I developed and released my first plug-in for MTOs.

One of the things I do in fact often in my blog is to include in the news of the movies taken from external sites, such as youtube.png .

Every time so I was forced to recall an old post with a movie like that, copy and paste the HTML code to include the movie, change the id of the movie and then post the news.

This thing was very boring because of the creation of the first plugin that allows you, the editor of the news MTOSI to write something like [yt] id_del_filmato [/ yt] and see, rescue, automatically place all the necessary code to viewing the movie.

While he was there, in addition to youtube.png I have also implemented other portal where you can post video like Google Video, Vimeo and MySpace.

For more information please refer to the project page on my site or the official repository of plugins MTOSI.

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