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The day has arrived in the firm one of those few pages of comics that often send some companies as a form of marketing is more or less concealed. In this case, the newsletter came from one of the most popular private radio d'Abruzzo.

And the front page, in an article, here is the strong shock even to my poor knowledge of Italian.

Is not the title of the article "Distinguishing the era of global competition" to leave me dumbfounded. The title I have more or less understood. And 'the subtitle to leave entirely open space:

Creating competitive differentials starting from the definition of 'asset' intangibles.


Now, if some pious soul had the courtesy to explain in simple terms, what the author intended to say with this flight of fancy through the maze of Italian vocabulary, will my account forever.

For me, the only comment you can leave it to the words of Nicoletta Braschi that, in the guise of prof. Giovanna Ovosodo the film, commenting a similar flight of fancy of his pupil:

We are faced with a bold and reckless investigator of language ... or a funny idiot who would do better to study and occasionally read a book?

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