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Hello, here's Wind, we have a counter for her

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The company for which I work has decided to absorb my phone number, even giving me a phone iPhone and transferring everything to a new enterprise package with another mobile operator.

That is why I started the process of transferring my phone number, from Wind in the new, the so-called number portability,

So far, so good. I would have been a happy user of the old operator who, for reasons beyond his control, he moved to another operator.

But what made me angry is that yesterday I received a call from Wind makes me:

Hello, here's Wind, has just reached us the request for transfer to another operator. I called to ask a counter-very convenient and certainly not to abandon the convict.

Of course I immediately stopped the disc in the bud by explaining that the operator in any case I changed my mind since, with the move, the cost of my phone are now being cared for by my company and then the call was interrupted in the bud.

But reflecting a cold, what made me angry and that you Wind, but I am convinced that the other players behave in the same way, just because you see that I'm going to make me a proposal super convenient. ... Why didn 'You have proposed in these 7 years I have been your loyal customer?

I have not deserved a more favorable tariff as a loyal customer but I deserve it when you turned away ??!!! What lousy world we live in, where the only aim of all is the profit and NEVER customer satisfaction

Out of spite now I have also sent the notice to Wind for a fixed number, let's see what happens

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5 Responses to "Hello, here's Wind, we have a counter for her"

  • Tommy Angelo writes:

    Yet I have done the same thing ... in addition to many free promotions, had to make a charge of 60 €, but that still does not see ...


  • MadHD writes:

    This is regrettable, I propose this world and that one only when you are about to leave.


  • Aleandri writes:

    With this story I phoned for a year free to num Omnitel. Let me explain: I request the porting of the num Omnitel to 3, the omitel calls me and gives me 2 months free calls to you. Scadutii 2 months remade the demand for portability and deliver on OMN calls me and gives me another 2 months of free calls (always towards num OMN)


  • Paolo Gatti writes:

    I, with the purchase of the iPhone, I requested the transfer number to Vodafone, because I knew so much that Wind would have called me a few benefits. Moral of the story, they called me and offered a super convenient rate for 6 months, 60 euros in immediate charge, to all expendable and non-expiring and another offer for SMS.
    Ah, a few days later called me to make my Vodafone a counter-counter offer and convince me to go with them!
    However so do all the operators ..
    Hello, Paul.


  • Piera wrote:

    an operational wind was just pissed off because I wanted clarification ... a board to wind: not only select people with the brain but also by the heart !!!!!!!!!! This operation was permitted to raise his voice or make lasting only because he is sure of his place at work ... ... but I gave him 4 of holy right ...


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