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The life of a blogger is tough

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Let's face it. It seems fucked up, but keeping a blog is really difficult. I realized this last week where the urge to update my personal space was really little.

Not that there have been no news.

  • The attack DoS that we suffered from a Chinese, we managed to expose and block, on a conference call, on Sunday, while I was at a birthday party, Norm was out nowhere and sauce was relegated to our Appendices physical Micso. We now also have a Chinese conscience because in China, for things like that, you risk being shot.
  • beginning of the event "Glasses under the stars" in Controguerra,
  • the fact that in August due to be released the first release of a long discussion on the "captive portal" on Linux Pro
  • the fact that I finally decided to make the framework that I use for the realization of various sites, a little 'more user friendly and a little' easier to install than fully Object Oriented, and this totally oriented to a new project I think of a site to keep track of my and your GPS-based sports

And these are the things ... let alone the rest macroscopic

Well to sum all this a week of absence from my blog with the hope that, Based on that "appetite comes with eating," this new post I have an incentive to upgrade almost daily this blog that I promised myself and to which for a while 'time, I was loyal.

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