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For several days, came from the kitchen Micso strange moans. Some even claimed to have seen, during the night hours, strange shadows and mysterious presences roam the premises of Micso.

Intrigued by these rumors we went to investigate and great was our surprise in discovering the remains of this cup


that post-mortem examination, it is left to itself, under the weather, for more than a week. He had tried in vain, with heartfelt appeal to move the soul of those who had left them but nature has prevailed.


and the cup, who died of starvation and without proper burial vague now, at night, with locals of mics, a troubled spirit, invoking, among the moans, the name of the unfortunate father who abandoned her at such a sad end .. "Normandoooooo .... Normandoooooo ... Normandooooo"

Now the only explanation left is that the owner, subject to years and years of exposure to electromagnetic waves has suffered irreparable damage in the centers of memory and has forgotten them and then the unfortunate offspring.

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