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802.11g 5.1Ghz??

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Ok, I admit, the news is not from a trusted source and therefore not a major upheaval, but a mistake so easy to check would be better not to.

But let's go with order. I'm reading the latest book by Lincoln Child, Abyss, when the foundations of my understanding of the wireless world are shaken by the following piece of conversation


where I highlighted the carelessness and blunders found in a few lines

First, the "" in the name of the protocol. E '802punto11 not 802virgola11, but okay, this rebate it to him and the fact that' 802.11 is a standard for wireless networks and therefore urge the floor again after wireless is an unnecessary duplication, but alright here also because there is all may know that the stuff is 802 .11 wireless.

But, and here I end of the world, the 802 works in .11 g 5.1GHz??? Well, I'm sure no and Italy (not to serve but ...) I have confirmation from Wikipedia Italy, okay, I think, maybe in the States is regulated differently and, even if it seems somewhat strange I'm going to check first on English Wikipedia and then directly from the site-specific IEEE but nowhere I found something at 5.1GHz because the 802 .11 g is traveling alone and only 2.4GHz.

You wanted to do, "the fast" in putting the name of a wireless standard, and that's okay, but then you lose a moment's time also to check at what frequency works this standard. Google is your friend in these cases.

We're going to report the bug to the authors, hoping for a future patch

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