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28 ° festival Controguerra - Early evening

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E 'in progress, in Controguerra, the 23 ° th food and wine festival. After a couple of days I decided to return a few highlights of this fantastic evenings of music, dance, but especially food.

The first video on the evening of 27 July with the exception of the guests, the tambourines Torrepaduli, a wonderfully exciting that has enchanted the square Controguerra. In the square of the Madonna delle Grazie, pure rock with a sultry singer

Second video on the evening of July 28. In the main square, good old plain, square in the smooth rock instead of the 70, 80, 90 and the new century.

Third evening, July 29th with two events of exception. In the main square, Concierto Intimo Acanto accompanied by the founder of the INTI-Illimani, Max Berru, in the small square Alternating Current,

In this video, do not miss the facial expressiveness of good standards Marcolongo the low per minute 01:36, and the voice of lead singer of AC power.

Hello, here's Wind, we have a counter for her

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The company for which I work has decided to absorb my phone number, even giving me a phone iPhone and transferring everything to a new enterprise package with another mobile operator.

That is why I started the process of transferring my phone number, from Wind in the new, the so-called number portability,

So far, so good. I would have been a happy user of the old operator who, for reasons beyond his control, he moved to another operator.

But what made me angry is that yesterday I received a call from Wind makes me:

Hello, here's Wind, has just reached us the request for transfer to another operator. I called to ask a counter-very convenient and certainly not to abandon the convict.

Of course I immediately stopped the disc in the bud by explaining that the operator in any case I changed my mind since, with the move, the cost of my phone are now being cared for by my company and then the call was interrupted in the bud.

But reflecting a cold, what made me angry and that you Wind, but I am convinced that the other players behave in the same way, just because you see that I'm going to make me a proposal super convenient. ... Why didn 'You have proposed in these 7 years I have been your loyal customer?

I have not deserved a more favorable tariff as a loyal customer but I deserve it when you turned away ??!!! What lousy world we live in, where the only aim of all is the profit and NEVER customer satisfaction

Out of spite now I have also sent the notice to Wind for a fixed number, let's see what happens

Week of revelry in the house Micso

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This is' been a long week at home Micso. Week of debauchery. Apparently, half of July is the week to the highest density of birthdays throughout the year for the family Micso.

It starts from July 19 with that in principle, to July 21 with the combination of my birthday and that of Paul and this year there hath been made good brand also became grandfather for the second time.

Through this event we had crowd

  • Monday, the buffet of Normando
  • Tuesday, the overlapping of the celebrations for the birthday of Paul and the neo-grandfather
  • Wednesday, pappa scope myself.

As you can imagine, it was a tough week ... for our stomachs, but we upright by workers, we carried out the task given to us until the end. To eat salty and sweet to die.

For your eyes, but unfortunately not for your palate, the table on Tuesday


For several days, came from the kitchen Micso strange moans. Some even claimed to have seen, during the night hours, strange shadows and mysterious presences roam the premises of Micso.

Intrigued by these rumors we went to investigate and great was our surprise in discovering the remains of this cup


that post-mortem examination, it is left to itself, under the weather, for more than a week. He had tried in vain, with heartfelt appeal to move the soul of those who had left them but nature has prevailed.


and the cup, who died of starvation and without proper burial vague now, at night, with locals of mics, a troubled spirit, invoking, among the moans, the name of the unfortunate father who abandoned her at such a sad end .. "Normandoooooo .... Normandoooooo ... Normandooooo"

Now the only explanation left is that the owner, subject to years and years of exposure to electromagnetic waves has suffered irreparable damage in the centers of memory and has forgotten them and then the unfortunate offspring.

Wow, he replied Lincoln Child

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After finding this crazy mistake in the book "Abyss" by Lincoln Child, I sent a message to the author about the problem via this form on its website, but certainly did not expect an answer.

But here it is:

Thanks for the note. I'll pass the information you provided on to my publisher.

Lincoln Child

What can I say ... WOW

802.11g 5.1Ghz??

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Ok, I admit, the news is not from a trusted source and therefore not a major upheaval, but a mistake so easy to check would be better not to.

But let's go with order. I'm reading the latest book by Lincoln Child, Abyss, when the foundations of my understanding of the wireless world are shaken by the following piece of conversation


where I highlighted the carelessness and blunders found in a few lines

First, the "" in the name of the protocol. E '802punto11 not 802virgola11, but okay, this rebate it to him and the fact that' 802.11 is a standard for wireless networks and therefore urge the floor again after wireless is an unnecessary duplication, but alright here also because there is all may know that the stuff is 802 .11 wireless.

But, and here I end of the world, the 802 works in .11 g 5.1GHz??? Well, I'm sure no and Italy (not to serve but ...) I have confirmation from Wikipedia Italy, okay, I think, maybe in the States is regulated differently and, even if it seems somewhat strange I'm going to check first on English Wikipedia and then directly from the site-specific IEEE but nowhere I found something at 5.1GHz because the 802 .11 g is traveling alone and only 2.4GHz.

You wanted to do, "the fast" in putting the name of a wireless standard, and that's okay, but then you lose a moment's time also to check at what frequency works this standard. Google is your friend in these cases.

We're going to report the bug to the authors, hoping for a future patch

I'm having trouble with the Italian?

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The day has arrived in the firm one of those few pages of comics that often send some companies as a form of marketing is more or less concealed. In this case, the newsletter came from one of the most popular private radio d'Abruzzo.

And the front page, in an article, here is the strong shock even to my poor knowledge of Italian.

Is not the title of the article "Distinguishing the era of global competition" to leave me dumbfounded. The title I have more or less understood. And 'the subtitle to leave entirely open space:

Creating competitive differentials starting from the definition of 'asset' intangibles.


Now, if some pious soul had the courtesy to explain in simple terms, what the author intended to say with this flight of fancy through the maze of Italian vocabulary, will my account forever.

For me, the only comment you can leave it to the words of Nicoletta Braschi that, in the guise of prof. Giovanna Ovosodo the film, commenting a similar flight of fancy of his pupil:

We are faced with a bold and reckless investigator of language ... or a funny idiot who would do better to study and occasionally read a book?

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The life of a blogger is tough

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Let's face it. It seems fucked up, but keeping a blog is really difficult. I realized this last week where the urge to update my personal space was really little.

Not that there have been no news.

  • The attack DoS that we suffered from a Chinese, we managed to expose and block, on a conference call, on Sunday, while I was at a birthday party, Norm was out nowhere and sauce was relegated to our Appendices physical Micso. We now also have a Chinese conscience because in China, for things like that, you risk being shot.
  • beginning of the event "Glasses under the stars" in Controguerra,
  • the fact that in August due to be released the first release of a long discussion on the "captive portal" on Linux Pro
  • the fact that I finally decided to make the framework that I use for the realization of various sites, a little 'more user friendly and a little' easier to install than fully Object Oriented, and this totally oriented to a new project I think of a site to keep track of my and your GPS-based sports

And these are the things ... let alone the rest macroscopic

Well to sum all this a week of absence from my blog with the hope that, Based on that "appetite comes with eating," this new post I have an incentive to upgrade almost daily this blog that I promised myself and to which for a while 'time, I was loyal.

A plugin for this blog for movies outside

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Some of you will wonder why have a little 'time I am using the product, called Movable Type (MTOs) for the management of my blog without having yet developed anything on it.

In other cases, for instance when I'd flipped with WebGUI then began to develop open-source plugins for it, but I was not doing the same thing for MTOs.

What can I say, lack of time, lack of a real need to develop new things as MTOSI did just about everything I needed and various other amenities are the reasons for this failure but has now no longer relevant because I developed and released my first plug-in for MTOs.

One of the things I do in fact often in my blog is to include in the news of the movies taken from external sites, such as youtube.png .

Every time so I was forced to recall an old post with a movie like that, copy and paste the HTML code to include the movie, change the id of the movie and then post the news.

This thing was very boring because of the creation of the first plugin that allows you, the editor of the news MTOSI to write something like [yt] id_del_filmato [/ yt] and see, rescue, automatically place all the necessary code to viewing the movie.

While he was there, in addition to youtube.png I have also implemented other portal where you can post video like Google Video, Vimeo and MySpace.

For more information please refer to the project page on my site or the official repository of plugins MTOSI.

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