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A consideration on open formats

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Today I made an account on open formats, particularly XML. The consideration is: "God rest his soul who invented the open formats!"

I tell the background. On my PC, among other things, I have a project not yet completed the editing of a movie clip taken from my camera. The movie was in DVD format and was editing with Adobe Premiere after his conversion to AVI.

The other day I decided to reformat and reinstall the operating system (which should be clear by now) of course, all the data.

Everything seemed to come to fruition but the disaster was just around the corner. Trying to reopen the project with Premiere, the loading of the movie sent systematically to crash the application. Do not ask me why, since the AVI was quite enjoyable by any player.

This was a disaster because I had already done much of the work of video editing, deleting unnecessary parts, adjusting the audio missing with sounds from other movies of other people who had taken over the event and so on.

In a situation "closed" my would be a tragedy without a happy ending. But thanks to the fact that the format in which Premiere saves its projects is a OPEN format and in particular, the XML there was a happy ending.

I just recovered from a DVD movie with a different codec (H.264 for the record), made a substitution within the XML file to the location of the project replacing the old file "unreadable" with the new and magically everything went back to work .

This shows that whoever says that the craze of 'open' is just a smell of geek does not take into account that sometimes this "mania" can save us from disaster and loss of working days on even the simple end user With a little 'more than malice, has the chance' to go there, where no man has gone before

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