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Streaming of the second council quite satisfactory

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Last night the second streaming City Council. An audio setup really satisfactory, while that video leave a little 'something to be desired because the cameras are not yet final and in fact the first fifteen minutes of shooting with one of two cameras provisional disappointed because the camera continually lost the fire Because little light in the room.

It will be for the next time with the cameras "right" with the new council chamber well lighted and, hopefully, the undersigned is no longer forced to assemble and disassemble everything before and after night till two in the

Good turnout of the public "virtual", an increase over the previous trial. The chart below


in fact, reveals the smooth running of the event with a peak of 16 spectators, an average of 12 and a good presence for the duration of the event sign of interest in this innovative initiative.

Of note the excellent direction of our dear Ninetto undisputed master of the mixer and software direction.

By beginning of next week I should be able to put online a complete record of the city council last night.

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2 Responses to "Streaming of the second council quite satisfactory"

  • Demetrius writes

    Are Demetrius, I saw yesterday, excellent sound effects, while for some one of the two rooms was blurred.
    But you can not make Quicktime full screen? Because the screen was really small, do not know if it depends on my pc.
    Sitting in some passages a little boring, sometimes the mayor a little verbose. Telesia read notes is not the best, but the contradictory were interesting.
    Ninetto But who is he? The driver of the school?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    First, thanks for following my blog. Indeed, as already mentioned in the post, I had to use two cameras emergency as those ordered were not available and one of the two was not the best and has shown this.
    As for screen size, except that in the "live" for reasons of bandwidth available in the town, you should not overcome the penalty format packet loss and then filmed in grainy shots or more, next time I'll try to see if you can enable full-screen view of the recovery.
    Yes, Ninette and the driver of the school bus.


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