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Surveillance tests

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Friday night I made the first trial "live" in a camera surveillance environment is not simulated. The place where the test was the square of Controguerra and I speak today because just this morning was published in the newspaper "Il Centro" an article on the test.


Here I am in fact here in front of the pole, in the process of assembling


The trial, which began around at 19.00 ended at around 21:00 and made it possible to test the "range" of the camera and the difference in terms of image quality, the version of that day and night, especially in the presence of street lighting .

I must say, at least with the lighting in the square, the camera did have a day in color image quality superior to that night though, of course, the framerate of that night was much greater.

The test was used, however, not so much more to test the type of camera as to how far away that it was possible to perceive people and understand what they were doing.

As long as these are the goals to be achieved, a camera with 180 degree coverage can cover about 150/200 meters radius. But if the intention is to recognize faces or read license plate numbers so the cameras with so wide open is not enough.

With the camera could not be proven in fact to read any number plate, not even the machines closer. To do this I think it should be backed up to the camera "wide angle" even more "direct" power-to be put in the hands of an operator, once identified the area of interest, is acting on that directive to enlarge the area read the details.

In the end, I must say that the test was more than satisfactory if only to understand the capabilities and limitations of such a system.

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