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The car runs perfectly cooked skewers

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For those, unfortunate he did not know, the arrosticini is a skewer of lamb or mutton cut into small pieces. Impossible to describe the idyllic flavor. Or you have tried or do not know what you're missing.

However, one of the key things for a "rustello" perfect (and obviously the quality of the meat) is cooked. The skewer should be turned more often to allow for perfect cooking all sides of the magic cube of meat. Obviously when you have to do with dozens and dozens of skewers to manage it becomes problematic.

But here's the idea that the magician Marco has built a magic machine that turns it on its own skewer. In the video below, aided by chef Joseph, man of the grid and Emiliano dall'untore Pierluigi, the magic machine in operation.

All these can and should comment to confirm the perfection of rustelli emerging from this magical machine

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