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In the live streaming of the last council of Controguerra, the biggest criticism was on the audio portion. And rightly saw that as a "technical test", the audio portion was handled by microfonino of my poor camera would return to clear the voices of advisors to 8 feet away in a room full of elementary school children and averages. Impossible task.

To overcome these criticisms and then I started looking for a impiantino sound more professional and I made an astonishing discovery. There are audio mixers having the USB ports. What are they? The computer recognizes the audio mixer as a sound card.

For me, this thing is fantastic, no more cables between the mixer and jack line-in sound card as the mixer itself is seen as a complete sound card from which to acquire or to send sounds.

And already, 'you say, and cost. Well, frankly ridiculous. I got this mixer of Proel Group and I must say that first impression, it all seems good. Connected to the computer without any additional driver, was immediately recognized by Windows XP as a "USB Sound Codec" and was immediately able to use the sound from the mixer for the purposes of the case.

Here you see the test installation of the mixer and microphones in the room advising that I did tonight.


I expect you all then streaming the next City Council Controguerra be held Wednesday June 11, 2008 from 21:00 onwards on the site of the town.

A final thanks to the firm who supplied the material.

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