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E 'success in Houston at the U.S. data center provider "The Planet" where, at 16.55 (9:55 Italian time) on 31 May 2008, due to a short circuit, an explosion knocked down three walls of electrical equipment, destroying cables and causing a fire that left two floors of the server farm without electricity.

No one person is injured and fortunately, despite no server has been physically touched or blast it from the subsequent fire, the power failure knocked out of the network server 9000 over 7500 customers, which, as we have to close, some of the server provider Italian

To make a full catastrophic dimensions of the incident, just think that only at 12.50 on June 2, was given permission by the inspectors of the fire, the restoration of electricity and that, even now, June 3 2008, it is still not completely solved because many of the servers are still reachable again but only by a current independent.

Be commended, however, the attitude taken by The Planet that on their forum (now and then undermined much almost unattainable, but to follow the history of the event may refer to the "light" version of the forum), he gave each of the update 15 minutes about the state of the problem, even, in some places, only to say that there were no updates in the facts.

So if on one hand the situation is unavoidable, the other is the commendable work of the technicians of The Planet, to work continuously for four regions.

Thumbs down for some users instead of the Italian provider that have, as usual, started to complain about poor service as if bt, or even The planet had any responsibility to an event quite inevitable.

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