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Softbox - Finally a version satisfying

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I was really disappointed in my attempt to make a softbox that is a light with a diffuser in front so as to reduce the point source of light and thus make more "soft" shadows.

Finally, after several attempts I came to use the loudspeaker shown in my previous post with a halogen lamp on a tripod to those found in various shopping malls but that did not satisfy me because I had to adjust the structure "X" that held the speaker fixing it with the bolts in the rear of the lamp, and even so, the structure was far from stable, however, tend to bend downwards.

Today, armed with a new plate in polionda, I tried to find alternatives and eventually abbandonado the structure of the skeleton to X, I managed to make the tree under

that in addition to them very stable and resistant is also easily removable by unscrewing the central pivot

The two white bands that are visible in the lower left, in the first picture, they serve only to reduce to zero the downward deflection of the slab, but to remain at the center of the lamp enough without them.

All photos of that and previous softbox on Google Picasa

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