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This fax has unfortunately given error

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Today arrived in Micso a note of a client on a false billing for a fee housing. Soon the company considers that we have turnover of not having to pay the bill that we issued for the renewal of the service as there has already announced the cancellation in the time and manner prescribed.

In support of this enclose the following document dated February 29, 2008


Well, you say, it seems fair that if they sent the notice to the service Micso February 29, 2008 is right now trying to bill the renewal of that service.

The funny thing is that, along with a note of request to cancel the bill and the news that we had already sent notice Feb. 29, there shall also this


So, sorry, let me understand why I am a bit 'hard on the uptake.

We say that we were wrong to charge for renewal on February 29 because you have sent a FAX with the cancellation but we also say that "unfortunately" the fax of 29 February gave error. AND THAT BUG!! I realized a mistake on a document of 100 pages to page 99, but an error with transmission time of 0 seconds, number of pages sent 0, with error code "busy." .... Is it possible that all this does not make understand that any FAX in reality it was never sent because the called number was busy.

Or the simple fact that he once tried unsuccessfully to send a fax the notice requires the arrival of that telepathic Article 6969 of the Code and against the White declines try again until you send did not go to a good end.

And then you take offense if someone renews automatically?

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