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Report contest is right or an exaggeration?

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The influential Association Anti Digital Divide ", as feedback on the phobia is created around the transmission WiFi Report May 11, 2008 proposing a project that wants to bring the reader to seriously location information about the world of WiFi refute and correct the course starting point point to the inaccuracies arising in the transmission.

From the project page you can of course help to inform and educate users by using the comments on the page so I think that will become a kind of Wiki on the subject.

Now some may think that our response is exaggerated, that the argument is still important and that in any case, anyone with a little 'intelligence and critical analysis, was able to catch the errors, omissions, confusions often made between WiFi and cellular network and then take what was said during that broadcast "cum grano salis.

But I say that these people underestimate the power of television and the impact of a disinformation made on national channels can be very destructive.

We cite as evidence, these two examples of the "day after" really happened on the morning of May 12, 2008

  • The bar where we go to breakfast, that triggered our hotspot, we asked how
    shut it down because 'the WiFi is' evil.
  • A customer has asked to replace his WiFi router with a
    not because it says that the WiFi WiFi hurts.

These calls coincidences?

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3 Responses to "Background Report is right or an exaggeration?"

  • Thanks for your cooperation, I hope that the project can involve more experts in order to produce a good document available to users :)


  • gravy writes

    A small clarification: the "bar where we go to breakfast" had turned off the hotspot.
    He temporarily rekindled when he sold a card to a customer (and associated call to the undersigned, as the owner could not remember anything about the activation process and everything else), then rispegnerlo.
    Ah, what not to do for money :)


  • Max writes:

    [Dialogue ON]
    listen to me, the human being to short memory, in a few days over the wave of people will return 'to old habits. Some examples? the mad cow disease, the syndrome of HIV, the Gulf war ... does not change anything, just people doing a minimum of effort and inform more '. The problem is not resolved by providing information to all, and 'get people to enjoy it.
    [Dialogue OFF]


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