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Good result for the first experiment of live broadcasting, the Internet, the first municipal council of the new administration of Controguerra.

A good result, first because everything went incredibly well and the movie was directed fluid and has never stopped its audio and video were "pods" throughout the event. Sure, the audio is to be improved, but only in relation to the way it is recorded. This time, in fact, with the courtroom packed with children in elementary and middle and with the recovery effected by the mere sound of my poor camera microphone, you could not just ask for more.

A good result, because it still seems to me that the participation, taking into account the experimental value, taking into account the little publicity given to the service, having had 5 / 6 with a peak audience of 9, it seems a satisfactory result.

The chart below shows, in detail, the number of spectators who attended the event via the Internet, during the event.


A good result because despite my constant state of "overload", although the festivities of May Day, over two days I managed to put it online on YouTube 10 minutes of the event and the full version full screen on the site of the town .

For the version on YouTube is of course the Adobe Flash. For the full Council's website, you need the QuickTime player.

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3 Responses to "Good result for the first stream Controguerra TV"

  • Demetrius writes

    Hello Emiliano, Demetrius is the brother of Sigmar, but that you put in the link of the town to see this video, I tried quiktime etc., but not seen, but I did not just skip the add-ons for Internet Explorer, now I can not connect more to the Internet, Aggia ago?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    But where did you download? Quicktime and 'a regular component and I never heard that can cause damage


  • Demetrius writes

    Otherwise this is an old one I had already downloaded from somewhere else, maybe it is for that?. The screen was all green and the sound came and went. So I closed everything and there in complete darkness, the computer runs normal, but the internet does not open anymore.
    Oh cmq you wanted to say that when you have time if you can come to my house, because you have to ask other things on the PC. If not I come to your house with partatile, if you come I'm pleased because in the meantime I broke the car ... well ...


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