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This fax has unfortunately given error

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Today I got a note in Micso a customer relating to a false billing for a fee of housing. In short, the company believes that we have turnover of not having to pay the bill that we issued for the renewal of a service because it has already given notice of the cancellation in the time and manner prescribed.

In support of this annex the following document dated February 29, 2008


Well, you say, it seems fair that if they sent the notice to the service Micso the February 29, 2008 is not just that today we are trying to bill the renewal of that service.

The funny thing is that, along with a note of request to cancel the bill and the news that they had already sent the notice February 29, we also communicate this


Well, excuse me, make me understand why I am a bit 'slow on the uptake.

You tell us we were wrong to charge renewal February 29 because you have sent a fax with the cancellation but we say that "unfortunately" the fax of 29 February gave error. AND ERROR!! I would have realized an error on a document of 100 pages to page 99, but an error with the transmission duration of 0 seconds, with the number of pages sent 0, with error code "busy." .... Is it possible that all this does not make understand that any FAX in reality it was never sent because the called number was busy.

Or the simple fact that he once tried unsuccessfully to send by fax a cancellation requires the arrival of that telepathic and in the face of Article 6969 of the Code of bianconiglio absolve you want to repeat until your upload has been successful term.

And then be offended if someone renews automatically?

MegaLanWars.08, the launch party at which you can not miss

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Be ready. E 'arrival in the launch party more exclusive in central Italy.

From the sick mind of Zero -= HS =-, -= HS =- Maxym, AlexAKABluRay and with the expertise of the undersigned, is coming for all gamers Italians, the largest LAN PARTY center of Italy.

More than 250 seats available, support for America's Army, Battlefield2, Call of Duty 2 and 4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and many others.

4, 5 and 6 July 2008, a few km from Pescara, you shoot high zero against all forms of life on the go. An opportunity like this you can not leave because I had the feeling even escape, fun, rich rewards and cotillions.

For now I leave you with this video produced by Alex, but I promise to keep you updated on the event.

For those who had no idea what I'm talking about, come and see what I mean.

A LAN party is a gathering dedicated to multiplayer games to play through a LAN (Local Area Network) in which the players, who meet on taking the computer from home, they can measure their skill.

The intention is to allow those concerned to gather in an area well equipped with electrical connection and connectivity so you can connect your computer and play multiplayer with one another and with the rest of the world.

So caricatevi your computer and watch your back

Ah, do not forget to visit the official website of the event for more information and to register.

Report contest is right or an exaggeration?

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Thumbnail image for wifi_radiation.jpg

The influential Association Anti Digital Divide ", as feedback on the phobia is created around the transmission WiFi Report May 11, 2008 proposing a project that wants to bring the reader to seriously location information about the world of WiFi refute and correct the course starting point point to the inaccuracies arising in the transmission.

From the project page you can of course help to inform and educate users by using the comments on the page so I think that will become a kind of Wiki on the subject.

Now some may think that our response is exaggerated, that the argument is still important and that in any case, anyone with a little 'intelligence and critical analysis, was able to catch the errors, omissions, confusions often made between WiFi and cellular network and then take what was said during that broadcast "cum grano salis.

But I say that these people underestimate the power of television and the impact of a disinformation made on national channels can be very destructive.

We cite as evidence, these two examples of the "day after" really happened on the morning of May 12, 2008

  • The bar where we go to breakfast, that triggered our hotspot, we asked how
    shut it down because 'the WiFi is' evil.
  • A customer has asked to replace his WiFi router with a
    not because it says that the WiFi WiFi hurts.

These calls coincidences?

Nintendo Wii: contents of the box and test the game.

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Finally I'm a happy owner of a Wii console.

On this occasion I decided to open the box and try the game before the eyes of a camera so that people like me who had his doubts about the console, content, what to buy and what is the level of interactivity console, can get an idea.

Using wireless interface is immediate, interactivity is so great and the precision and sensitivity of the remote really leaves you speechless.

Definitely a product that can not fail in every home.

I recommend you see the whole video, because there's a surprise for the boys grin.gif

As usual, the video is on YouTube In version "small"

or below, in version "full" but it requires the Apple Quicktime plug-in.

It should arrive in about the Wii Fit, so do not forget to come back to look closely at this board truly innovative.

Softbox - Finally a version satisfying

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I was really disappointed in my attempt to make a softbox that is a light with a diffuser in front so as to reduce the point source of light and thus make more "soft" shadows.

Finally, after several attempts I came to use the loudspeaker shown in my previous post with a halogen lamp on a tripod to those found in various shopping malls but that did not satisfy me because I had to adjust the structure "X" that held the speaker fixing it with the bolts in the rear of the lamp, and even so, the structure was far from stable, however, tend to bend downwards.

Today, armed with a new plate in polionda, I tried to find alternatives and eventually abbandonado the structure of the skeleton to X, I managed to make the tree under

that in addition to them very stable and resistant is also easily removable by unscrewing the central pivot

The two white bands that are visible in the lower left, in the first picture, they serve only to reduce to zero the downward deflection of the slab, but to remain at the center of the lamp enough without them.

All photos of that and previous softbox on Google Picasa

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Report program against WiFi

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I was sprawled on the comfortable sofa, TV off, after a night of revelry caused by the first test of the barbecue I had just bought. So you can imagine the state of bliss that pervaded my body.

My wife in the kitchen with the television on when I hear that's twice the word "WiFi".

Urca, let's see why it comes on TV is the 'stuff.

I must say that I have always loved the program Report RAI3, that when I'm there, it is virtually the only program that I follow, considering it seriously ... until tonight.

I can soon. ... "Never heard so many inaccuracies in one go." "The WiFi hurts, causes cancer, causes mutations in DNA, is the reason why the PDL has won the elections." Well, the last I've added ... but otherwise ...

But above all, what has affected me, is how to address the issue that seems to leave any of the parties, where one side is usually the guy who says "I never allow my daughter to attend a school that had a WiFi network access ", and I kept thinking ... and all the mobile phones of students, teachers, caretakers of where we put them?? Anyways, 'I said, first guy I'm there, but on the other hand there is the part of the scientist who says, "There is no evidence from any study that there are diseases caused by electromagnetic fields. Well I say, a serious voice. But once the program makes' pass this second scientist as a colluding with industry noting several times that the first guy has done consulting for several major industry.

"But the point at issue is just that. Dr Repacholi worked
for the same industry that created this form of radiation. Before
work for the WHO, has been an expert consultant industry
telephony, which has placed the repeater in the most controversial positions. "

But we're talking about WiFi or cellular phone? No, because if we talk about cell phone could also be in agreement, but the title is servizion "WI-FI: A SIGNAL DALL'ALLARME"

I obviously turned off and I went to the computer to work. But now, reading the full text of the investigation I have no right anymore. I quote some passages and comment:

"But a phone is a matter of personal choice. It can
decide whether to use it or not, and if you do not want to be hit by
radiation simply not turn on your mobile. You're the
control of the situation "

Apart from that have banned smoking on the premises as a result of passive smoking ... how do I do if the guy next to me ... is calling him sue you for "passive radiation. Then we omit the difference in power between an antenna and the Wifi phone? Just think "my" cell phone antenna is located 10 km away and yet my phone to take too great in my basement while the access point downstairs, not even if I can peck scream ... but strong. ... NOT When we give ANYTHING THAT COUNTS AGAINST THE FAILING THE ANT WIFI PHONE OR THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES MOUNTAIN PRIVATE RADIO?

"We are about 100 meters from the antenna [phone] Ok ... here, and we see then compare it with the wi-fi signal strength within the school. ... Is almost three times what we found for quell'antenna mobile.

That is, considering that we are talking about English schools. ... I wonder ... What kind of WiFi use in England? SUWifi? (Super Ultra WiFi)? No, because here we have a WiFi antenna shoots 100mW max. I honestly do not know 'because it can shoot WiFi antenna, but since the report is going to make the comparison to England I then I would cite Swisscom with the following statement

"In Switzerland, the mobile networks GSM and UMTS are currently
organized in very small cells, and therefore do not need
powerful transmitters. In fact, it is rare that a base station
present a transmission power greater than 120 watts. "

120 W device antenna in Switzerland, a 100mW WiFi in Italy, in England as an access point shot three times cellular antenna? Ah ... the "m" before the "W" stands for milli, not mega :-D

"If you look at the data you can have a very clear vision. is
like a puzzle and every piece fits perfectly: breaks
chain of DNA to DNA damage, until the animal studies and
epidemiological evidence to show that such an increase
symptoms and an increased incidence of cancer. "

What we did see the figures ... because in my opinion, the study cited, the electromagnetic radiation was perhaps a bit more "hard" .... GAMMA RAYS say?? :-D

Not long face too much. ... We want to talk about the problem of radiation em? Ok, let's go then to speak of thousands of kW fired by some private radio stations that broadcast on the Italian territory, in defiance to existing regulations, only because their antennas are placed in extra-territory. ... We talk about the thousands of kV power lines passing close to that nursery schools. ... We speak of our air filled with micro-thin, so much filth that cause cancer in one breath ... .. we talk about cigarettes. ... objects that are known to promote cancer, yet freely on the market. ... we talk about all the shit we eat normally without mention of when some "fast" decides to put on the market by changing the label of frozen expired expiration .... but rompeteci with a few milliwatts, which sometimes do not work even from one room to another.

A final note about the consistency of the transmission instead, six months ago, in "The good news" is "sold" like WiFi care against the digital divide. To look back at this "good news", the service is still available online.

Update May 13, 2008

This "disinformation" made by Report speaks, more
quiet and calm of the undersigned also Paul Attivissimo on

Video surveillance in Val Tronto advances.

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Tomorrow project meeting with other mayors to join forces involved in the realization of this project.

Meanwhile, not to bring down the attention on the problem and the solution implemented, here's an article today about "The Center".


Other than iPhone, here is my future phone

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It is called HTC Diamond and is the older brother of my current phone, the HTC Touch.

What's so good compared to what I have or the iPhone from Apple?

Well, you look at it ...

Flash Player

Here are some key features

  • Integrated GPS
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • WiFi 802.11 b / g
  • 3.2 megapixel
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Integrated Microphone and Speakers
  • FM radio with RDS
  • 4 Gbytes of internal memory
  • Weight: 110 grams with battery
  • Gravity sensor so the screen is automatically rotated
  • Graphics card with 3D GPU

Not to mention the fantastic TouchFLO 3D


I respect him anxiously. And you?

Good result of the first streaming Controguerra TV

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Good result for the first experiment of live broadcasting, the Internet, the first municipal council of the new administration of Controguerra.

A good result, first because everything went incredibly well and the movie was directed fluid and has never stopped its audio and video were "pods" throughout the event. Sure, the audio is to be improved, but only in relation to the way it is recorded. This time, in fact, with the courtroom packed with children in elementary and middle and with the recovery effected by the mere sound of my poor camera microphone, you could not just ask for more.

A good result, because it still seems to me that the participation, taking into account the experimental value, taking into account the little publicity given to the service, having had 5 / 6 with a peak audience of 9, it seems a satisfactory result.

The chart below shows, in detail, the number of spectators who attended the event via the Internet, during the event.


A good result because despite my constant state of "overload", although the festivities of May Day, over two days I managed to put it online on YouTube 10 minutes of the event and the full version full screen on the site of the town .

For the version on YouTube is of course the Adobe Flash. For the full Council's website, you need the QuickTime player.

/ me runs