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And for this I beg you to forgive me.

There are two reasons that keep me away from this blog.

The first is an important personal news that I failed to rifervi. The news is that I am running for local office in my town and so are engaged in campaign <- can not believe it!!

So you are welcome to temporarily change residence and migrate to Controguerra to rate your fantastic BRUNI list number one "together controguerra.

Seriously, although I was not elected, I will make a good impression with my mayor and therefore are often busy in search of votes.


The second motivation, blogghisticamente most important, is that tomorrow evening I was asked to explain to my fellow citizens one of the program of the next administration: "The video surveillance as a deterrent to prostitution."

Obviously I could have done the usual slide to the computer and everyone would be happy. But sooner or later I had to decide to become familiar with the production of video films, so I decided to make this intervention through a video.

Finally, after four days of hard work, where I was waking up at 4:00 and a zombie in the morning, they came off an 8-minute video that, according to those who have already seen, is an excellent result for be my first video creation.

I promise you that, just after the election, I will put this video online and I will refer to your opinion.

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