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EmiPlexiMoat - An LCD display plexiglass door

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Another achievement, this time quite quickly, and for the series "the magical world of plexiglass.

This time we have two small trinkets, an LCD display and a relay which must be connected to a sensor access at Micso. Except that you can not find a place to rest those two components.

The idea is to get a small Plexiglas ornament to place next to the monitor of our secretary so that she can always see who is entering Micso.

The result is this here

emipleximoat_front.jpg emipleximoat_rear.jpg

simple and easy realization. The end two hours well spent for a useful, functional and impressive.

Historic phrase of my wife

What are you doing, this time we do not store any LEDs to illuminate the plexiglass?

This time no

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