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Dolby Headphone Manhattan Personal Cinema 5.1 USB

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With the death of my old pair of headphones the desire to move on to something better was so. Why I decided to buy a pair of USB headphones with support for Dolby 5.1.

The reasons that made me strive for this choice are twofold. The first is that, because of young children, I was increasingly compelled to see me the movie with the headphones and lose the depth of sound and the second is the online gaming where you definitely have a pair of headphones that make it better directionality of sound are In some situations, fundamental and sometimes determine the life or death of his player.

I finally in my hands and then a pair of headphones with the balls and I must say that the first impression is really good.

Gia from its product shows very well done.


The package includes headphones, microphone, USB cable, the little box with volume control and mute, a pouch, a strap to attach the headset and the manual.

All this summed up in the photo below


The initial impact has left me very satisfied and I was most impressed by the attention to detail. For example, you can take away much semplicemten the microphone from the headset, in fact the box is a piece in itself to be fixed then on the headset so that if needed, can be removed and there is no discomfort when using the headphones as the only Listening, for example, while watching a movie.

Another thing that impressed me is the attention to detail. One below, for example


is the lacquered felcro, which curl up on the headphone cable during any transport. As you can see the cable is fixed so as not to lose it.

Even the installation was trivial, though the manual recommends that you uninstall all the drivers all sound cards on your computer, in reality this was not necessary and enough to have the foresight to set the various programs and control panel Windows, the USB device like the one for input and output sound and everything went perfectly.

This below is the panel

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showing the test or Dolby surround sound with headphones. Obviously the sound can make you appreciate the sound quality but I can assure you that you feel in your headphones to hear him perfectly sound moving ahead, sideways and then back.

The headphones also pass the test on the field. The films feel sufficiently well and the feeling of the game is much better than the headphones that I had previously.

The only negative note, the size a bit 'small pavilions that tend not to completely cover the ears leaving them, especially during the first period of use, a little' sore.

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