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Municipal Councilor

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In the end, surprisingly, the photo finish and I managed to fall in the squad for the first eight candidates on the list "TOGETHER FOR CONTROGUERRA" and so are the municipal council of the municipality of Controguerra.

Here is the final result of the current election controguerrese

Jobseekers Parties Votes % Seats
Mauro Giovanni Scarpantoni Together Controguerra 1,246 71.3 8
Vincenzina Marini A Future for Controguerra 502 28.7 4

Globally, a foregone conclusion, but on a personal level, also because un'exploit really unexpected, expecting far worse, I had opened the day with the following motto:

better than last among the winners first among the losers

The main reason why I did not believe in my success was that something very important in elections in small towns, I was not going around in practically no family to demand the vote. My personal count of the votes and then stopped at my circle of acquaintances for a total of twenty votes.

In fact, I eventually got 48 preferences and then, undoubtedly, many more people have moved in my favor, both personally and as word of mouth.

First, so I dutifully

A HUGE thank you to these 48 PERSONS

who believed in me and that I have voted. A sign of respect to you, I will always give my best and even beyond, for the good of the country.

A second thanks goes surely to the figure of my father, Philip Brown.
Certainly what he did in life and the moral integrity and
has always demonstrated professionalism at all times have much affect
the choice of many.

A third thanks to Mayor Mauro Scarpantoni, who believed in me and allowed me to participate in this new experience of life.

Finally, the person who, with 46 preferences, was unable to enter the pink of eight. I am deeply disappointed because I feel as if I had usurped a place for you. The only thing I can say is that I still firmly believe that between us was twelve o'clock candidate list was not important who joined the board and who's not, but that it was important to the success of Mauro as mayor, which we managed to do. As for us I am sure that we were, and we are even more now, a winning team of twelve friends and I am convinced that I, you and everyone else will do great things for CONTROGUERRA TOGETHER.

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