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Who are they?

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Do not know about you, but to me often to ask: "Who are they, how they are done really, what is the character trait that distinguishes me from others."

Are questions for which it is difficult to think of giving to others the exact size of who you really are.

I think I've found a definition close enough to what they are, or rather, how I can be, in the words of a song of "Absolute Zero" called "Now that you're" that goes like this:

I am one of those who test when he does,
risk and if it really does not go
that's okay. It was worth losing
and I did it now, win or lose the whole game "

But of course the text does not make it, so here's the audio of these verses ...

MP3 player singing sono_uno_di_quelli.mp3

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One Response to "Who am I?"

  • Gianca writes:

    I think, at least, as they are done, it is virtually impossible to understand who or what is exactly why when I see it is already changed and so new to puzzle ... that terrible life ...


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