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A question of physics for my friends. Let's see which of you can answer correctly. Once you reveal the secret place a link to a really great guy who can explain these and other concepts of physics building on the common.

The question is this. We all have the practical experience of what happens inside a car in motion.

If the car accelerates we are being pushed back. If the car slows down suddenly we are being pushed sharply forward.

If the car turns right we feel moved to left and vice versa.

The question is why a balloon of that community all the parties and festivals, filled with helium behaves exactly the opposite ie go backwards when braking, back during the accelerations and moves to the right or left if the machine runs, respectively right and left?

You see, for example in the picture below taken during a right curve


the balloon moves in the direction of the curve (the thread that holds the balloon was highlighted in red) while we feel pull to the left.

The first aspect that I know give a correct answer.

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4 Responses to "The strange behavior of the balloon festival in the car."

  • Blended writes:

    Inertial reference system.


  • Max writes:

    damn ...
    I throw them: the conservation of energy within the system should be constant (nothing). As the balloon inflated helium gas much more 'light of the surrounding air, its momentum, the system is negligible and the mass of the balloon "follows" the rest ...
    we see that and 'spent a lot' of time since I picked up a physics book ...


  • Nik writes

    Ummm ... Maybe because (assuming the acceleration) the mass of air inside the car moves (and compressed) to the back of it, causing a depression in the front that "sucks" the balloon itself (as a lighter filled with helium)?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    A good at Nik and Maury who gave me the answer in private to have guessed the solution of the problem. As soon as I put the reference to a second video of the genius who created this and other experiments.


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