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The meio goodies these days of work in schools

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They have just passed have been some long days of installation and configuration of equipment in various schools of Abruzzo.

Days were very hard, waking up at 6:00 and home at 20.00. E 'therefore understandable my lack of web presence and the inevitable abandonment of this blog.

I'll be back today with some goodies that we have been given away during the installation.

We begin immediately with the UPS upside down. When you first install, mount the UPS APC rest and immediately baffled.


The first impact is "azz, we assembled the group to the contrary." In fact you can see the writing head in the power button on the contrary. Fortunately, watching the other symbols you realize immediately that it is only the power button to be the opposite. Fortunately.

Ok. Press the button and turn on the group. Bip. Bip. Bip. Bip. But not turn on!! Then there is a doubt. Not 'that in addition to the button, it is precisely reversed the switches? Try pressing the "zero" and biiiippp, here's the UPS on.

The second gem is a beautiful circular pinned on the door of a computer room


So can no longer use three PCs because someone changed the password for Administrator. Someone tell him that it is trivial to reset the admin password of a Windows?

The third is a gem impiantino compliance. Also keep in mind that behind the teacher is not just this board but impiantino. And it was a life that no longer saw a RJ58


Finally a rather serious. Stolen a page from a diary of a child. It will be really happy maury who works closely with the Observatory of Mosciano, for making a child happy


Oh maury? But I go to scare these kids? And then, I knew one other thing that made them blind!!

However, Good live at all.

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