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About a year ago, I activated the card Telepass Premium, paying a tot per month allowed me to have some advantages.

In fact the only thing that interested me was the fact that, apparently, if you stop the car on the highway the truck is free so I preferred to pay a few dollars more every two months and have a sort of insurance against detention on the highway.

The premium paper actually seems to have many other benefits, discounts here, the rebates and so on. But since I am very skeptical about these things I have never concerned.

Today arrived a promotional email informing me that if I supply on the motorway network in gas stations of two houses I had the oil off by 7.5 cents a liter.

Tonight coming home in the car on the highway and, incidentally, I remain dry. I decide, as tomorrow I have to get up early and in the end is getting everything running, to do first refueling. Now, since the dealer before my exit, is just one of those participating in the initiative, I say that it is worth giving a chance for this promotion.

Knowing that a good reading then the terms of the promotion, which I do now at home, the discount at the pump is only 2.5 cents per liter and the other 5 will invigorate you as a discount on the next bill telepass. But anyway, you say, in the end is always 7.5 cents / € per liter. But apparently not. Or at least it did not seem to me that things are exactly as described by the promotion.

First, the sign at the service area marked as the price of diesel € 1,331 / l and as you see from the ticket below,


I paid so much, in fact, the 2.5 cents / € discount at the pump if there is someone smoked because to me that this part of the discount did not do it even though I have uploaded the amount on premium paper.

Remain so (hopefully) the 5 cents / € I will return the invoice telepass. But do the math.

I bought 40.59 gallons of diesel paying € 54.03. I therefore expect a discount of

40.59 * 0.05 = 2.03 € and so ultimately I paid a full

54.03-2.03 = € 52.00.

A nice risparimo. Except that the exit of the motorway, 5 km from the point where I did my nearest gas station is "trusted" where tonight, the self-service, diesel cost € 1.228 / l and then if I had made 5 Km more and had given a little 'more confidence to my distributor "of confidence" and a little' less to the "usual" would have cost me promotions

40.59 * 1.228 = 49.84 €

a saving of more than 3 € compared to what I actually paid the full.

Who has won with this "big promotion? Can someone clarify this discrepancy, or at least show me where my logic has failed?

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  • MadHD writes:

    The problem is that, however, the supply will become more expensive on motorways than on normal roads.
    I guess the problem can be dictated by the fact that distributors pay any rent or similar highways. But it's just my idea with no real feedback.


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