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Two more gems from school Abruzzo

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Two more gems from school Abruzzo.

The first step is for a fantastic view in a classroom computer keyboard. Not just for developers but it is certainly easy to be mistaken with another key


The second is a fantastic hacking on the table saw the caretaker of another school Teramo.


I do not know if it was an attempt to hands-free homemade or hard of hearing the janitor, and frankly, I have not even had the courage to try to pick up the phone

Fourth Micso Lan Party - March 2008

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Another great LAN party for ex = BP318 = already = CdO = ^ 318 last night. This time heavy with characters including [CIA] Chip0, mrhouse and 4 new guys playing COD, but we are trying to introduce into the magical world of America's Army.

Notably absent in this lan DoM, Te $ and the great State of Solon Maus. Eventually, however, 12 people shoot at each other. Not bad this time!

You start the evening with the usual mounting of all devices and PCs


and then off to eat a pizza fast. Come back everything is ready to begin the challenge.

We start with an Urban, to fan the flames and then down blows under Dusk.

One evening, as usual, full of fun and laughing.

Could not miss the usual cake, this time to nutella


and the usual end of the evening train.


The meio goodies these days of work in schools

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They have just passed have been some long days of installation and configuration of equipment in various schools of Abruzzo.

Days were very hard, waking up at 6:00 and home at 20.00. E 'therefore understandable my lack of web presence and the inevitable abandonment of this blog.

I'll be back today with some goodies that we have been given away during the installation.

We begin immediately with the UPS upside down. When you first install, mount the UPS APC rest and immediately baffled.


The first impact is "azz, we assembled the group to the contrary." In fact you can see the writing head in the power button on the contrary. Fortunately, watching the other symbols you realize immediately that it is only the power button to be the opposite. Fortunately.

Ok. Press the button and turn on the group. Bip. Bip. Bip. Bip. But not turn on!! Then there is a doubt. Not 'that in addition to the button, it is precisely reversed the switches? Try pressing the "zero" and biiiippp, here's the UPS on.

The second gem is a beautiful circular pinned on the door of a computer room


So can no longer use three PCs because someone changed the password for Administrator. Someone tell him that it is trivial to reset the admin password of a Windows?

The third is a gem impiantino compliance. Also keep in mind that behind blackboard the teacher is not just that but impiantino. And it was a life that no longer saw a RJ58


Finally a rather serious. Stolen a page from a diary of a child. It will be really happy maury who works closely with the Observatory of Mosciano, for making a child happy


Oh maury? But I go to scare these kids? And then, I knew one other thing that made them blind!!

However, Good live at all.

Here's what you can do with Adobe Effects

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I feel like crying when I think that I'll never learn to use the plug-in Adobe Effects so that they can use to create stuff like this

But God bono ... that cool effect. All created with the plug-in products from these people.

To see the video above you need Adobe QuickTime. If you have not installed, you can download it from here.

A man, a myth. The experiment of the week

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As often happens in the web, things are great while you're looking for the other.

In this particular case I was looking for an alternative to YouTube that would allow you to view and upload videos in high resolution. They then entered into a portal that seemed to have precisely these characteristics, but I was immediately catapulted into another dimension.

I have indeed made the acquaintance of a man who quickly became one of my myths. The person subject to this cult called Robert Krampf who is a geologist by profession but has become a myth to me when I discovered that since 1998, runs a mailing list titled "Experiment of the Week" every week where he basically describes, in a fun and easily understood, one aspect of our universe.

But even more amazing is that for about a year some of the experiments described in the nearly decade-long presence in his mailing list, have been "converted" to video and it is through these videos that I just have to appreciate the huge capacity of this man to explain complex topics through simple examples.

The videos are of a rare beauty, or because they present with a very high resolution either because, like the mailing list, explaining in clear and understandable to anyone, some of the most bizarre aspects of physics.

It starts, for example, the experiment with the balloon in the car that moves on the wrong side during the motion of the machine that I used as a question in my previous post

As you can see the video is really well done and the explanation is clear and obvious even for those who do not chew much of it English or physics.

There are many other movies really interesting, from how to make emergency glasses with a leaf

approaching a shell to your ear because you hear the ocean

a thousand ways to overthrow a full glass of water without spilling a drop.

And the list of tests and answers to common places is really long. Currently there are more than 50 movies and, of course, the number is growing week by week.

If you are concerned then you're in physics or simply curious to know if it is true that the tablets were immersed in mentos coca cola produce those huge geysers that are seen in various networked video, I recommend you visit the site of Robert Krampf and watch all her videos. You `ll surely love as it is myself.

ClanWar on Border - Here's exhumed map

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In the coming days ClanWar on America's Army on the map Border. Since this was for a long time the only map on which to play and since the time I had also created a map of the territory with exactly the names of several places here that I have revived and updated with my new and my TAG new nickname.


For the pleasure of all lovers of this game.

Refuel with promotions? At the end you spend more.

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About a year ago, I activated the card Telepass Premium, paying a tot per month allowed me to have some advantages.

In fact the only thing that interested me was the fact that, apparently, if you stop the car on the highway the truck is free so I preferred to pay a few dollars more every two months and have a sort of insurance against detention on the highway.

The premium paper actually seems to have many other benefits, discounts here, the rebates and so on. But since I am very skeptical about these things I have never concerned.

Today arrived a promotional email informing me that if I supply on the motorway network in gas stations of two houses I had the oil off by 7.5 cents a liter.

Tonight coming home in the car on the highway and, incidentally, I remain dry. I decide, as tomorrow I have to get up early and in the end is getting everything running, to do first refueling. Now, since the dealer before my exit, is just one of those participating in the initiative, I say that it is worth giving a chance for this promotion.

Knowing that a good reading then the terms of the promotion, which I do now at home, the discount at the pump is only 2.5 cents per liter and the other 5 will invigorate you as a discount on the next bill telepass. But anyway, you say, in the end is always 7.5 cents / € per liter. But apparently not. Or at least it did not seem to me that things are exactly as described by the promotion.

First, the sign at the service area marked as the price of diesel € 1,331 / l and as you see from the ticket below,


I paid so much, in fact, the 2.5 cents / € discount at the pump if there is someone smoked because to me that this part of the discount did not do it even though I have uploaded the amount on premium paper.

Remain so (hopefully) the 5 cents / € I will return the invoice telepass. But do the math.

I bought 40.59 gallons of diesel paying € 54.03. I therefore expect a discount of

40.59 * 0.05 = 2.03 € and so ultimately I paid a full

54.03-2.03 = € 52.00.

A nice risparimo. Except that the exit of the motorway, 5 km from the point where I did my nearest gas station is "trusted" where tonight, the self-service, diesel cost € 1.228 / l and then if I had made 5 Km more and had given a little 'more confidence to my distributor "of confidence" and a little' less to the "usual" would have cost me promotions

40.59 * 1.228 = 49.84 €

a saving of more than 3 € compared to what I actually paid the full.

Who has won with this "big promotion? Can someone clarify this discrepancy, or at least show me where my logic has failed?

A question of physics for my friends. Let's see which of you can answer correctly. Once you reveal the secret place a link to a really great guy who can explain these and other concepts of physics building on the common.

The question is this. We all have the practical experience of what happens inside a car in motion.

If the car accelerates we are being pushed back. If the car slows down suddenly we are being pushed sharply forward.

If the car turns right we feel moved to left and vice versa.

The question is why a balloon of that community all the parties and festivals, filled with helium behaves exactly the opposite ie go backwards when braking, back during the accelerations and moves to the right or left if the machine runs, respectively right and left?

You see, for example in the picture below taken during a right curve


the balloon moves in the direction of the curve (the thread that holds the balloon was highlighted in red) while we feel pull to the left.

The first aspect that I know give a correct answer.

The EmiGreenScreen was born.

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We may not even believe I saw that quite often projects longer than a few days of work are hopelessly teleported in "MondoDeiSeEDeiMai", but this time it looks as if I've done it. Here is the object of my desire

green screen. Obviously the desire to install everything was great and I immediately set to work to fill the skeleton of wood with green screen

The end result is this here

Obviously, no one could miss two experiments, one photo

and another film

Obviously there is still much work to do. As you can see there are still adequate lighting to make the background sufficiently uniform to eliminate, in post-production, all green pixels, but we are on track.

Night of renumbering in Micso

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Night of revelry in Micso. I Micso men in action for several renumbering and replacing the old and trusted IPTables Linux firewall appliance with a "brand".

Of course it was also a time to give a "Pulitini" to harness that, like any good network administrator knows, tends to produce "dead wood" in industrial quantities.

Here, for example, in the photo below Vinz during the extension of the network of server farms from / 26 to / 25

Highlight of the evening, cutting the cake of thanks by Don Paul

Frankly, I have to admit that I had predicted a conclusion of the work and side-effect "no earlier than 05:00 and instead to 02:00 These are our bold young people can hang the logo" / 25 ready "for the photo memorial rite

From left to right, Norm, Emi, Sugo, CEO, Vinz. Now, the face rated more alienated. All other photos here.

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