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Speed up Vista. Councils (trivial?) From Microsoft

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vista_downgrade.jpg I do not think that will install and use Vista until I am really forced. But the fact that Vista should plan and that requires at least double the hardware resources than Windows XP and even then the benefits are not comparable is a well known fact.

It 'so good that Microsoft itself has written a document with some guidelines on how to speed up Windows Vista.

Too bad that these guidelines are really pathetic. It seemed for an instant replay of one of our business that when speaking with a customer who has problems on the computer the first things he says are

  1. have done the scandisk?
  2. 've done the defrag?
  3. you updated with Windows Update
  4. have updated the antivirus

and if one of these answers is "no" answer is, "then eh! Make the point X, and all would.. "

E 'practice which Microsoft recommends for faster Vista, defrag often, as if Vista does not do this to her already, delete the programs that never use, like running a program not affected the performance of the machine and as if the uninstall rimuovesse all keys in the registry program removed.

Other tips on the edge of ridicule are the use Disk Cleanup to clean temporary files and compress old files in use, add extra memory (and thanks to cabbage), buying a new PC (I can not find the pre-printed request forgivable loan to Microsoft),

Last advice, rebooting Vista often. And fortunately they said that one of the improvements in Vista was the fact that the suspend was the recommended shutdown method.

Short, this time with Vista Microsoft has made a real hole in the water.

Look deeper, you can read this analysis, in English, of why the advice of Microsoft are nothing short of ridiculous.

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