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Respect and honor these professionals in the digital video

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You know the scene of the movie "Saving Private Ryan"? One of the most successful representations of the Normandy landings I have ever seen. Thrill.

To achieve all that Spielberg seems to use more one thousand extras, of course, computer graphics.

But what if you are not Spielberg, unless you have your budget, it was only three and you must still make a landing in Normandy for a BBC documentary.

A video "from fear" shows how three people, a car, shooting photos of scenarios in museums, a digital camera and a PC can create a landing in Normandy worthy of the best Spielberg.

Compared then to the creators of this video "making of". Bellissima inter alia, the choice of the soundtrack of trust which, for those who do not recognize is the song "Two Tribes" of "Frankie Goes To Hollywood."

Three considerations:

  1. God, how many memories on that ground
  2. God how I envy them
  3. I want the GREENSCEEN
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