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Do not send crap

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I pointed out that recently placed a bit 'more often. It 'true, in part due to the casino business and partly to the fact that I'm writing (finally grin.gif ) An article for my site that I hope to publish the public this evening.

In the meantime, another hilarious email series, "Micso hall of fame.

During the Christmas holidays this year we, as our usual, sent an e-mail greetings to all our customers.

A customer thanks us for our best wishes in this way.

Subject: Re: Season's Greetings - Micso

Instead of spending time to send the crap, you could still busy to inquire why the system is idle WADSL.

I wonder if then WADSL them to her 'we have given smile.gif

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One Response to "Do not send bullshit"

  • Dear Mr. Bruni,
    I am writing on behalf of a group of people of the hinterland of Savona (Liguria) who would like to have broadband. Just over a year ago we contacted you and you have directed to your local partner, the Oasis Team, which after examining the situation has asked to have at least 200 pre-contract in our 4 municipalities to do this, and instructed us to pick them up ... this happened in October, we set ourselves to do, we have established a website ( to collect these pre-contract ... but now is only about thirty.
    Since she works at Micso wanted to ask if you can somehow speed up the transaction, if you could not organize you and be more present on the ground picking up these pre-contract ... is enough to call all the people and propose your solution WADSL to estimate how many people there would be available ... we can not call on your behalf and to propose a pre-contract .. we have done in the area and distributed leaflets to publicize the initiative and our site, but unfortunately I fear that without your intervention there will be new pre-contracts and in our area will all stop ...
    Sincerely thank you and I extend my most cordial greetings.


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