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The pattern of the network Micso WADSL in Abruzzo

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The network Micso is always growing and therefore felt the need to have an aggregated view of all the points covered and the various connections between the various points.

The map below, updated in late January 2008 shows the network topology Micso WADSL in Abruzzo and neighboring areas.

Most of the sections is made through radio and some sections are on fiber-optic backbone.

Note the two rings of redundancy that makes the network very robust and allows it to be functional even if the drop is also more backbone.

A note of color, the inner ring there were not noticed until this map has not highlighted.


As soon as I get a moment, I'll see esendere this map also points to the remote network WADSL.

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4 Responses to "The scheme of the network Micso WADSL in Abruzzo"

  • Congratulations, good job. Could I have the map in graphical format acceptable? It is not permitted to click on your blog and so no zoom.
    Good work .. soon.


  • Andrea Antonelli writes:

    ke prejudice are 2 years I have internet connection with you. ... by Borri ... ... well in 2 years I'd been struggling to line ... at this time such as websites start slowly ... ... yet the signal is maximum. ... MSN does not opens x nothing ... I do not understand why, but I pay 35euro a month. ... Perhaps the only thing to do is move to another company if you do not settle things ... hello hello


  • tizianodm writes:

    olds cycle ... every 20 days (in a row if we forutnati) does not work ... lots of problems with line ... technical problems ...
    no words yet they charge you .. well pay ...


  • Joseph Tontini writes:

    More than 3 years that I provided the ADSL line. Even if it costs a bit more competition, I had a perfect result, never problems.


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