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Experiments with RFID

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I'm experimenting with the tag is an RFID reader, especially with the kit
PhidgetRFID Kit and PhidgetTextLCD with the idea of using RFID tags to control the access gates to the premises. The devices were supplied to me by my colleague Normando Marcolongo who acquired them on Phidgets and thank you for allowing me to play with this new technology.

The kit contains a bit PhidgetRFID 'RFID tags of different sizes (card, key rings and circles) in addition to satellite receiver. The circuitry of the antenna, in addition to an LED on-board can also add an additional LEDs and a digital output.

The PhidgetTextLCD instead is a 20 × 2 LCD display with a card attached to read the data with 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs drive.

Both devices interface to the computer via USB without additional drivers.

I have just a moment a video full of posters RECENZIONI product and more information.

The first impact was still really good. All of these devices is programmable through various interfaces for most common languages, from Visual Basic to C for use even in non-Windows environment. NET, Java,
LabView, Delphi and so on.

What I did in a couple of hours of labor has added a red LED to the RFID reader, and piloted in Visual Basic so that when the program will light the LED on-board and in the presence of a tag is external LED light the red.

Then connect the LCD, I programmed so as to show, the passage of a TAG on the antenna, the tag code and the owner's name on the display

Then I lost most of the time to plan the timing of the display backlight off after 10 seconds of inactivity.

The result is quickly summarized in this video

Ah, in the video, the value of TAG is disguised and distorted. Never know grin.gif

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