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Alvarion BreezeNET B100 - Review and field trials

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An event that has almost the historian.

After more than seven months from the date of publication of the last article on my public site, finally tonight I'm going to update the site with a new article. I promised that I would not have abandoned this evening, I kept my promise.


An article maybe a little 'technical riding but that technology is currently more turmoil in the Italian panorama.

To be able to use radio to reach remote villages to get broadband in the area.

Flagship product of this technological trend is the BreezeNET Alvarion B100, an apparatus to realize the point-to-point radio links, as will reading the article, allows performance so far had not found in any other type product Hiperlan.

Sure, there's a price to pay and this is not a euphemism. Indeed, the high cost of the product is certainly designed for the end user but on the other hand, the benefits are not certain but from CPE product to be installed on the network backbone.

So expensive but adequate results.

The article begins with a general description of the producer and the product then to describe the tests carried out on the ground in a regional project and show the behavior of the product in real cases over distances and different situations. The article continues with a detailed analysis of the results obtained by extrapolating the behavior of the product for radio links of length between zero and 25 Km

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