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Third Micso Lan Party - December 2007

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A post a little 'late, but then just yesterday, the owner of the camera has published the photos.

Lan Party in Third Micso to celebrate Christmas. And 'the third for BP318 = = but they are loose and therefore can also be seen as the first of the new Micso Lan Party = CdO = ^ 318.

Phantasmagorical event that is summed up well by this photo memorial

Joking aside the event, which began around 22:00 sees the participation of nine of the best players Casinara AA. Who has had the opportunity to attend the event via the network using the communication software audio TeamSpeak is a witness enormous brothel produced by gamers.

The table filled with monitors, keyboards, mice and various food, and assorted soft drinks

produces a stimulating effect on our players who have the strength to endure until 4.00 am, between shots, belches (Copyright Sun 2007), and various crap.

The result of all this is a picture full of asses above or, if you prefer the censored version, the photo full of mug below

All in all a fun event that will be duplicated as soon as possible with the hope that you join us brothers = CdO = Marches and Lazio.

All photos of the event here, which I commented or here, with commentaries by Vinz.

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