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Before there were only miniPED, now came the miniPOF.

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Over the past two years, my working life is often tormented by these two words: PED miniPED and that for those not familiar with the government of Abruzzi, is an acronym for "final implementation plan" and mini "Executive Plan Final."

But now a new acronym becomes part of my life. The miniPOF.

Tonight I was at primary school because of Controguerra for pre-registration of my daughter when, at some point, the head teacher says, 'Now you can deliver the miniPOF.

At this point I was reminded of a quote from the movie "I Am Legend" where the main character's wife, referring to the virus which is about to kill six billion people, pronounces this sentence:

Oh lord, he made the jump ... is airborne.

However I could not resist and I had to ask the meaning of the acronym. Now I know that miniPOF stands for mini-"of the educational plan."

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2 Responses to "Before there were only miniPED, now came the miniPOF."

  • MadHD writes:

    In fact I'm POF I missed me too!
    Reading to the end is what they call training courses offered.
    Now, though, I always wonder: what, in elementary school now also choose subjects to study?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    No, but from what I understand it, you show the other extra-curricular activities, like the language lab


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