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04, but how long it takes to restore a file?

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Today having the need to access the list of my movements Postepay, I went on the site of and unfortunately I found this unpleasant surprise

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'
Include file not found

/ BPOL / cartepre / menu_default.asp, line 37
The include file '/ menus / cartapostepay_user.html' was not found.

Oh well, I think, someone has made a chapel and has removed or moved the file from the file cartapostepay_user.html required menu_default.asp. Will stuff a few minutes. But

  • I have given urgency to access the account statement,
  • since the problem is trivial,
  • since it is not yet resolved

call toll-free support because maybe they have not noticed.

Six minutes and ten seconds of conversation waiting to be told that I am aware of the problem, which is a widespread problem (and believe it, a file is missing!) And that we are working (cp / backup / menus / cartapostepay_user.html / menus / cartapostepay_user.html is hard work :-D )

Time has passed already more than an hour from when I realized the problem is still there.

But it will take that much to restore a single file?

Now call support and ask if they give me FTP access to the site so I put it there I like a nice cartapostepay_user.html


Maybe not display the side menu, but we can taken advantage of our statement without waiting for the recovery of files from backup or whatever is necessary to restore the functioning that is, apparently, using biblical times in proportion to the problem.


Four hours have passed and finally the site has begun to function. As they say, better late than never :-D

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