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But you can work on Sundays?

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So that is when things can be done and deadlines are a lot closer.

Yesterday and today all day at work, at home until Saturday at 3:00 at night and even today in the office all afternoon until 22.30. Then at home, a quick meal and go, once more before the PC.

We're up to, you say?

I'm just toying with our platform for hotspot installed at a customer, but at least it is for a good cause. In a few days by some Abruzzi cities you can surf for free via WiFi.

For now I can not tell you more, but I hope to make the news official in a few days.

Currently beccatevi the lab where I'm simulating all


and one of the patterns of the system.


E 'Arabic for you? Never mind, I tell you only that it is a pleasure to see more unique than rare turns absurd can do an IP packet when there is the equipment so beautiful, easy and fun to play with.

Close, saluting the sauce that stood by me in this afternoon of passion and fun.

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One Response to "But you can work on Sundays?"

  • gravy writes

    there 'who waits for Sunday:
    - Football
    - Turns Malls
    - Walking more 'or less bored with the better half'
    - Etc.
    .. for me I could spend Sunday best, including installation tgz packages for granted, recompiled the kernel, repeated frag of innocent victims : D
    and to hell with the dinner with her friend unionist!
    p0w3r nerd!


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